Everything You Should Know About Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are one of the most popular flooring options because of their durability and timeless appeal. Not only do they look outstanding, but hardwood floors can also transform a house into a home.

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Types of Boards

There are two types of hardwood flooring: solid and engineered. Both are made from 100% wood, but each has advantages and limitations.

Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood flooring is constructed of solid wood. A solid hardwood board is made from a single piece of wood. A solid hardwood board is usually ¾ inches thick. It can be sanded and refinished many times and can last 100 years or more. A solid hardwood floor is permanently attached to plywood or similar material subfloor.

Engineered Hardwood

One board of engineered hardwood includes several pieces of wood, usually three or more that are bonded together to form layers. The top layer of engineered hardwood is often hardwood, with reasonable layers of plywood or other types of wood underneath. Engineered hardwood is usually less expensive and easier to install than solid hardwood.

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Types of Finish

Site Finished

Site-finished floors are one-of-a-kind floors. Homeowners have much more control over the look of the floor and can personalize the boards in any way they select. Site-finished floors require a high level of expertise and craftsmanship. Each floor is distinctive, long-lasting, and easy to clean.

Factory Finished

A factory-finished hardwood floor is the easiest and usually a less expensive option. Factory-finished floors are much easier and faster to install. Because there are no chemicals, scents, or dust associated with the installation, you and your family can start using your hardwood floor nearly immediately.

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Types of Wood Species

Choosing the wood species and color for your floor. There are multiple varieties, ranging from common to unusual. Here are only a few examples.

●       Oak

●       Cherry

●       Maple

●       Walnut

●       Ash

●       Bamboo

●       Mahogany

●       Teak

●       Jarrah

Things To Consider Before You Buy

Order 10% More Wood Than You Need. If your floor is 500 square feet, order 550 square feet. If you order exactly 500 square feet, you will require more wood to complete your floor. This is because the wood must be cut to fit the space, resulting in some waste. Depending on whether the space has protruding walls, such as bay windows or alcoves, you may need to add more wood. It is always preferable to have too much than too little.

Are You Building A Home Or Renovating It? This is an important query to ask yourself. If you’re building and want complete control over the hardwood floor design, consider a quality unfinished engineered hardwood floor that will be site finished. You will have total control over the custom stain color and finish. Hardwood floors don’t get more custom than that.

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